Turn your data into knowledge. Faster.

We are Microsoft Azure and Power BI experts helping businesses across the world to build, implement and maintain data platforms and analytics solutions quickly and affordably.

Rapid and affordable data platforms, not just another ‘cost-centre’.

At Bedrock Data, we believe in getting you up and running by delivering analytical prototypes to show your business stakeholders the opportunity. Robust ‘enterprise-grade’ data platforms will then be designed and built in sensible increments to deliver continuous, tangible value to the business.

Rock-solid and reliable foundations, setting you up for long-term success.

Our team of experts stand by their work. We combine extensive experience in data architecture, data engineering, business operations, and data analytics to provide ongoing improvements, monitoring and support to ensure you get the most out of your data infrastructure.

Let us help you navigate the data world.

Data is a community, and we believe that by being inclusive and sharing experiences, everybody wins. Dive into our wealth of thought leadership content or attend our ‘Bedrock Tech Talks’ series. We are all on this data journey together.

Our core services

Platform Design & Build

We understand the urgency and demand for swift yet solid solutions. Our in-house built framework ensures that from conceptualisation to implementation, we build rock-solid foundations that stand the test of time in days, not months.

Data Integration & Management

Even the best data platforms will bring no benefit without reliable and high-quality data feeds. We excel in seamlessly connecting and optimising your data landscape, focusing on speed and reliability.

Power BI & Reporting

Harness the full potential of data with storytelling, and user-friendly dashboards. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver end-to-end Power BI solutions in days.

Monitoring & Support

Our Monitoring and Support services focus on delivering reliable and responsive solutions to keep your systems running smoothly. With a commitment to providing unparalleled support, you are never on your own.

Meet the Bedrock team

James, Marcin, and Paul are the brilliant minds behind Bedrock Data. 

With their combined expertise, they’ve assembled a toolset for data management and analysis to help businesses enjoy a rewarding experience, harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies.

Ready to unearth the power of your data, and transform your business?

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